Newsday 1: Winchester Cathedral to host BBC's Easter Service

March 08, 2010

Info of story for bulleting:

Winchester Cathedral will be hosting BBC1's Easter morning service, as well as two episodes of 'Songs of Praise'. The Service will be broadcast live; all are welcome, doors open at 9am (although there is a capacity limit of 1300 people).

'Songs of Praise' will be recorded on the 5th April, and will broadcast in June, and in early 2011. The last time the program was recorded from the Cathedral was in 1998.

Admission to the event it free, however tickets are needed. Tickets are available from:

Both events are very important for the Cathedral’s publicity, as it will be aired on the BBC it will be a worldwide event -due to BBC Iplayer.

The Cathedral’s preparations for Easter will be the same as normal (such as ordering flowers and holding extra choir practice), however as the building is so large, the BBC will need to install more lighting and microphones. This is due to be done 2 weeks prior to the recording.

My Script:
Hampshire FM news at 1 o'clock.
This is Charlotte Clarke.
Winchester Cathedral is scheduled to host BBC1's Easter Day Service, and two programs of Songs of Praise.
Simon Barwood, Winchester Cathedral’s Development Officer said:
In: Whilst we're here...
Out: ...After we finish
The public are welcome to attend the Easter service, doors open at 9AM.
Free tickets for Songs of Praise are available from:

(Picture by Charlotte Clarke)


  1. Spelling and punctuation could be improved! A would-be journalist should be able to get it right, and check the piece before releasing it. Otherwise I would not want her working for me!

  2. Ah well done Charlotte you managed to get it sorted! - you must show us all how you did it. Well done :)

  3. I really can't see any mistakes with my work, would you mind highlighting them for me?
    Thankyou for the advice, however as you said I am a journalist to be, not a journalist, so errors will happen. -If anyone else is reading this could you please look through my work, i honestly can't see any mistakes and am now stressing out, thanks.

  4. "Broadcast", not "Broadcasted"
    "Admission", not "Administration" & "is" not "it".
    "Cathedrals" when possessive should be "Cathedral's", with apostrophe.
    "Practises" as a noun should be "Practices". "Practise" is a verb.

  5. Thankyou very much; I will edited the peice now.


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