Britney Refuses Airbrush

April 21, 2010

Britney Spears, 28, is refusing to let pictures from her latest campaign undergo airbrushing.

The singer has released a natural picture along side a touched up one in hope that it will take pressure off of women to look perfect.

The untouched picture contains bruises, cellulite, dry skin on her feet and noticeably bigger stomach and legs. However the singer insists that the shoot for Candie lingerie and swimwear was ‘so much fun’.

A singer close to the star revealed she increased her workouts and stuck to a 1, 200 calorie diet before the shoot, but wanted to show the public that by even sticking to such an extreme routine that no one can ever look as good as the airbrushed pictures.

I think you look amazing Britney; you’re braver than the other Celebs!! -What do you think?

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