Former M&S Model Attempts Suicide

May 13, 2010

Former Marks & Spencer’s model Noemie Lenoir was found unconscious after taking a cocktail of pills and alcohol.

It is thought that the former French M&S model was attempting to kill herself after her current partner Carl Hirschmann faces charges over a sex blackmail scandal.

Multimillionaire Hirschmann, who dated US Heiress Paris Hilton, is accused of filming models performing sex acts and then threatening to publish the videos on the internet.

Noemie was staying at the at the £1million house of Makelele in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, near Paris, when she took the overdose. She then called an ambulance, but soon cancelled it after stating it was not longer needed. It is thought that she went outside into the woods and passed out, where she was found by a dog walker a few hours later.

The model was rushed to hospital and treated for the effects of poisoning. She is currently still recovering.

A friend of the couple told us "Noemie is spending all of her spare time going to see him in Zurich (as Hirschmann is unable to leave Switzerland whilst the investigation continues). Knowing that he's involved in such a serious case is tearing her apart.

"It's a living hell and often Noemie doesn't know which way to turn. The truth is that she is besotted with him.

"Many of the allegations are coming from beautiful young women just like her. It's almost too much to bear."

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