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November 06, 2010

Good ol' Sailor Vodka

Not only is this Swedish vodka completely organic, but it also comes in an environmental friendly bottle which would light up any mini bar. This new brand of Vodka is made out of Swedish barley which is then distilled four times, giving the drink a fruity, spicy after taste. I know i'll be looking out for it at my local super market!

Hafsteinn Juliusson

This growing jewlery is a clash of accessorising and gardening, couture and organism. It is already a massive hit in America, although the collection is only available for a limited time. -But with rings priced at $150, a high upkeep and no guarantee that the micro plants will survive, is it worth it?


An Australian design student has revolutionised the juice carton industry. Yunyeen Yang has designed these fruit shaped for a fictional brand 'Jooze' in order to convince children to consume a more healthier range of drinks. I hope the design takes off as these cartons are adorable.

Better Butter

We're all used to the disposable butter containers which are supplied at resturants, cafes and picnics, but now there is a better way to spread your butter! These ingenious little pots have a wooden spoon as their lid, making it easier to spread, and comes in 4 different flavours. Who knew spreading butter could be so much fun?

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