Luscious Lips: This Seasons Lust-have Lipsticks

November 19, 2010

Usually I never do any research into lipstick; I have extremely thin lips, so find it hard to pull of the statement colour of any season. I therefore find myself always focusing on either eye-make up, shadows, liners and mascaras, or blushers, highlighters and bronzers.

However this season's make-up collections have revolutionised my way of approaching lipstick. The gloss is out the window, and the comeback of the 1950's pin up girl lipstick has hit the catwalk and high-street.

Make up artists have solely focused on pigmentation this season, keeping in mind that we all need cheering up during the cold winter months.

I believe the colours have been picked based on the weather for the season; we will either be outside in the rain and cold, or inside under florescent lighting -which easily washes the colour out of your face.

However, a lot of neutral shades have crept their way into collections, subtle Corals and Lilacs show how a statement colour doesn't need to bold, just different.

Black lipstick, also referred to as 'the stiletto shade', is a shade the more confident, controversial woman can pull off. -Make sure you stick to pale make-up and apply plenty of gloss on top to give the colour some depth and shine; you don't want to look dead! Simple eyes are a must with this statement colour.

Many Coral and Orange shades are being shown this season; seen here by Jennifer Lopez. These colours bring warmth to the Autumnal and Winter months, and can be worn during the day as they are much more neutral than the usual winter-based red. However, a tan is a must with these shades, if paired with a light skin tone skin the shade may pale.

Blue, a bold statement, but one I personally wouldn't risk. A lot of people on the internet have stated that blue is going to be the next 'it' colour this season; although I have seen the lipstick fail to launch to the mass media for at least the last three years -I remember three years ago I was going to brave the shade, but was unable to find it easily, so gave up! I believe this icy, hard shade is best left on the catwalk and at photo shoots; taken away from the red carpet the colour would look too out of place.

Subtle Lilac and Purple tones are becoming more popular throughout this season. Rihanna is shown here wearing the shade, which seems to go with most skin tones. Its subtleness means it can worn during the day, but it is also very versatile as it can be worn at night due as it's so unique.


  1. i like the bue lippy! thats hot!

  2. and for the black lippy, did u have to use a picture of a ginger? nobody likes a ginger!


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