Mean Girls 2

November 24, 2010

Mean Girls is a classic film, that is constantly quoted in every day life.

I was shocked to hear that a truly desperate sequel to this unbeatable movie is being filmed.

The new movie has only one original cast member, Tim Mewdows, as Principle Duvall, with the rest of the cast consisting mainly of Disney Channel actors.

It's also interesting to note that Tina Fey, the original writer of Mean Girls, had no participation in the making of Mean Girls 2.

Although the trailer states 'same attitude', at the end you see the plastics on a field playing Lacrosse... is that something the plastics would do?

Throughout the minuet and a half trailer I also didn't find myself laughing once (except when i watched it the second time and saw what popped up in the corner around 1:02).

The film will be going straight to DVD this February.


  1. I seriously don't see how they can re-do this again. Isn't it just going to be the same story line recycled for a new generation? The fact its going straight to DVD I think could speak volumes...

  2. I completely agree; just another money making scheme!
    Nothing can live up to Glenn Coco ;)


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