Ken's 50th Birthday Spent Trying to Whoo Barbie Back!

February 03, 2011

The Couple Celebrating Ken's 50th

As Ken celebrates his 50th birthday, rumours have it the super model may be trying to get his ex girlfriend Barbie back.

The notorious 'toyboy' Ken, full name Ken Carson, will be joining Barbie In her fifties, with birthday celebrations planned at the 6 day long Nuremberg Toy Fair next week.

Ken and Barbie separated on Valentines Day 2004 after 43 years together. The official statement said that the pair 'needed space', however gossip magazines stated Barbie had started dating Australian surfer Blaine -although was not confirmed.

Barbie and Blane getting close in 2004

Ken seems to be trying to get close to the Barbie girl again after rumours of the couple rekindling their relationship during the filming of Toy Story 3.

The Couple get close on the set of Toy Story 3

Ken is currently using Fac­ebook and Twitter to send Barbie, real name Barbra Millic­ent Roberts, a string of flirty messages.

He has also taken out billboard ads in New York and Los Angeles, bought a spot in magazine Us Weekly and gone on entertainment show ETalk.

Ken is even slated to star in a series of DVD movies this year and has given his name to Genuine Ken: The Search For The Great American Boyfriend, an online reality dating show.

Barbie and Ken in 'happier days'

However, a friend of Ken expressed concern ‘He’s been hurt once before and I’m worried it might happen all over again. Barbie is a nice girl but she can be very fake sometimes'.

In a bold move, Ken has asked the public their opinion -What do you think?

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