WINOL -Monday Brief

February 27, 2011

Hey Guys,

So as you know I wont be in tomorrow as I'm in London interviewing Reid Peppard.
I have given Andy detailed notes to tell you all, but here's what I can think of from the top of my head:


Pictures, Please!!! -Check your subs on the whiteboard at the back of the room and make sure your articles from last week are published/subbed correctly.

-Hopefully you guys will come in with some good stories this week, check with Julie and Andy in the news meeting.

Try to get a really strong bulletin this week to match sports!


You guys will be featured in 'the day in the life of...the sports team' Winol documentary this week, this is your chance to show the rest of the team, lecturers and the world what you guys do! Jack C and the first years will be working on this, although the first years have been beckoned to court this week, so if you guys could film some stuff when you're out and about that'd be great! Gove it to Jack to edit and we'll be able to make a great film :) try not to film in the news room, all outdoors stuff, lots of GV's and BANTER!! (suitable for winol though guys!)

Also Gareth will be presenting the OB from Eastleigh Fc grounds, so can you call them and get permission for this? Also talk to Drew about the set up of it; and could we have Aimee as a stand in presentor ready to jump into the gallery on Wednesday if the OB fails? Thanks guys!!!


I will be doing the big interview this week, however we still need a music review, film review, this week in history and the competition -sport has given you pictures so I don't see why this wasn't done last week?
Make sure the female based audience pieces are subbed and uploaded on Monday.
The day in the life of...winol documentary Jack is working on, can that also be finished ready for me to approve on Tuesday please?

Becky -What's on needs to be really good this week please!! That's try some crazy camera angels and mix it up; the crazier the better! The worse that can happen is me telling you to tune it down; remember it's not news so you can do whatever you want! Lighthearted and funny like last week yeah?


Drew can you set up the OB please as we will be having an OB from outside Eastleigh FC grounds.

Make sure all articles are subbed and up, check with Cara before.

Front page can we move features/sport onto the front page (maybe keep one news story) as the news is out of date now, so Mon-weds morning will be for new features and new sports match reports. -We will now have 4 stories on the front page.

Can we start organising the entertainment show and have a brief ready for me to listen to on Tuesday and we can start filming later this week or the start of next week please?

Also get ready to upload the profile pages, pictures will be given to you Tuesday so create the page ready to go on Tues.


Properly designed posters to be made, arrange for town distribution (not my minions as i need them on Weds) and start advertising for features and sports, not only on twitter, but on forums and websites suitable and specifically for the subject.

Talk to the loans counter about all the broken firewires that you have noted down over the last few weeks and the camera with the tape problem.

Get the Winol email up and running, put this on the posters, twitter, integrate on front page of Winol; start working on reader response -we want to know what our audience thinks!

I'll be in on Tuesday, any problems call me but I will be filming throughout the day (call the Blackberry 0095 number please).

Have a lovely day, good luck, and don't miss me too much ;)

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