Winol Time Table

February 08, 2011


9:30 De-breif
10:30 News meeting
11:00 Sports meeting
11:30 Features meeting
12:00 Production meeting
4:00 Editors meeting


12:00 Advertising Posters Printed and Distributed
5:00 Deadline for Sportsweek Packages


9:00 Editors meeting
10:00 Start online advertising
10:30 Record Headline and Links for Sportweek
11:00 Website updated by production team
12:00 Reporters Submit Links
12:30 Record and Edit headlines for News
1:00 Deadline for all Packages in the Bulletin
-What's On Deadline
-All News Packages and What's on to be put on Harddrive (Add Straplines)
2:00 Production run through
2:30 Run through with Presenters
3:00 Record Live Edition
4:00 Bulletin Uploaded onto Winol
8:00 Deadline for all Written Articles


1:00 All Articles Subbed and Uploaded

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