You can Eat all of a Pig Except the Squeal

March 28, 2011

Cow Tongue

As a self confessed foodie I am always on the look out for new recipes and distinct ingredients.

With the use of Cockerel feet, Pig's cheeks and Cow's tongue in Michelin Star restaurants, It got me thinking about the amount of meat our society labels as waste.

If these restaurants are serving delicious dishes from off cuts we usually throw away, maybe it's time we look past the stereo-types and start creating delicious meals like the professionals.

Whilst thinking about this I was watching Master Chef, a favourite program in my household, and unbelievably one of the contestants cooked a head to tail Rabbit which the judges loved -a smidgen of hope that offcuts are as tasty, or even more tasty, than the traditional cuts!

After researching this culinary delight I discovered it is more and more popular to buy offcuts as it is far more economical, demonstrates respect to the animal, is sustainable, money saving, environment friendly and delicious; what else could you want?

Pork Cheek

As a student and foodie I try to eat good, ethically sourced food as low cost as possible, and this revelation has been a god send to me.

Cuts such a Chicken liver and top blade steak have found their way into my day to day diet and I wouldn't look back. You can buy twice, some times three times as much meat weight wise as you could compared to Chicken breasts or Sirloin Steak.

My advice, don't be put off by the weird and wonderful cuts you see at the butchers, give them a go! There's plenty of easy recopies online, and you really will see the difference on your shopping bill.


  1. Nice article, Jamie Oliver done a similar piece on his show a while ago which changed the meat being bought in my house, definitely changed the food bill as well. Still a little squeamish over a few of the cuts though; never would think of buying/cooking head of tail rabbit.

    Have a look at this link for the different cuts of beef; taught me a thing or two :).

  2. That's really interesting; I've defiantly seen the difference on my shopping bill, and the cuts are as tasty as more popular cuts -result!!


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