This is no Fashion Faux Pas

June 22, 2011

The press has been slatting Wimbledon wonder woman Venus Williams today over her choice of clothing on the court. 

Notorious for her outrageous outfits,
maybe Venus has learnt from her fashion blunders.

However, I must disagree with the fashion flab comments; I loved it. 

I think Venus looked extremely on trend and had real confidence to wear such a 'daring' outfit, rather than the usual skin tight t-shirt and tennis skirt.

The outfit was completely within Wimbledon regulations, and it was refreshing to see a sporting celebrity without the blemish of brands pasted all over her. 

Venus defended her outfit choice by saying "I'm always trying to do something different and fun...Jumpers are very now, kind of trendy". 

It's defiantly much subtler, classier and chic than the outfit than her French open outfit.

Not the outfit you'd expect to see on the court.
Look out for tennis play-suits on your court in the next few weeks; defiantly a trend setter.