My Fat Frog!

August 04, 2011

One of the fattest Frogs that has ever
visited my Garden.
 Me  and my Dad just spotted this extremely cute, yet ultra fat Frog (or Froad as it is now being called due to it's extreme size) in our Garden. 

The fantastic picture quality on my iPhone.
Now tell me, which one would you prefer?! 

A cute hoping creature visiting your garden, eating slugs and giving the family a few moments of entertainment when it is spotted by the backdoor...

or deep fat fried and served with Garlic Butter?

For the experimental (or French) of us.

And for all of those who are questioning if my Frog is a Toad on Twitter, an amphibian expert (aka my Dad) has told me it's a frog as it has smooth skin!


  1. iLike frogs. Quite like the thought of me being the princess, and the frog, the frog. (obviously). Personally, I think the frog is cute. Called him Herbert, because thats a frog-like name... right?! The picture of Herbie cupped in someones hands, he actually looks like a pile of sh*t. But in the second one he looks quite photogenic. That mysterious pose like 'You stand there looking at me (at me), I stand here looking at you girl (at you boy), You know exactly what's on my mind (yeah yeah)'(If you dont know that song, then boy, I dont rate you).

    But that last one, of the frogs legs. Thats just plain nasty. How can you eat frogs legs. It aint got alot of meat on it. Waste of money for a tasteless, ripped off meal. Id rather eat chicken legs. Yum.

    So to round off, I like frogs. That herbie is one cute froggie. He may be fat .. but who are we to judge? I wouldnt like being called fat. Herbert dont like it either.

    Peace Out !

  2. Ahh Nikki you're comment (well, more like a rant) has got me in stitches!
    Apparently Frogs taste like Chicken so I don't think we're missing out on much!
    I called him fat in an endearing way, he know he's loved from the amount of feedback I've got on Twitter :)
    Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed me sharing him (or her...?)

  3. I've had frog legs. They're not nasty, just a lot of work for such a small amount of meat. They're more like catfish than chicken.

    I love frogs and toads (which you probably guessed from my avatar ;) ).

  4. My family loves amphibians for some strange reason.
    I guess you'd get a lot more meat off of that frog! -although I always wonder why they dont eat any other part of the frog, hmm!


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