Scrumptious Snaps

August 18, 2011

German food photographer Ira Leoni has some delicious photos in her portfolio. 

I love the concept of capturing the beauty in every day foods we simple consume without a thought. 

Her Half Time piece beautifully captivates the start and end of a meal (which reminds me of the 'you wouldn't start a night like this adverts) and the chance in the dinners expectations throughout the feast. 

These were my favourites. 

Food photography has its trends and fashions too.
When it came to this shot, it was very  fashionable to
 photograph raw  meat.
In fact, it still is!
Did you know that ham is called bacon in Canada?
And did you know bacon is called ham in the U.S.?

In case you were wondering what flowers had to do with food,
take a closer look.
Where in the world do they serve the best Mojito? That’s right, on Cuba.
If Cuba is too far away from you, then your local bar will do for now. 
Isn’t this the kind of early (or late) morning treatment we
 all would like to enjoy on a daily basis?

To see more of her work visit: