Jamie Oliver's Vanilla and Lemon Martini

September 16, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Vanilla and Lemon Martini

I visited Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Canary Wharf last week and fell head over heels in love with his delicious Vanilla and Lemon Martini. 

The recipe uses  Finlandia Vodka which is currently ranked 1st among unflavoured vodkas 
(in the 2011 Ultimate Spirits Challenge). 

It also includes infused Vanilla syrup 
-Infused being the main word here, as an infused syrup would have had vanilla pods put in it and left to release it's natural flavour; whereas flavoured syrups are artificially flavoured. 

Fresh Lemon juice is then added to create this refreshing beverage, and a lemon peel twirl is popped on to decorate. 

I love everything about this cocktail, from the luxurious ingredients to it's sweet yet sharp after taste
 -And with the price at only £6.25, there's no excuse to not try one yourself!