Magnificently Morphed Creatures -Hybrid Taxidermy

September 01, 2011

Since I met and interviewed Reid Peppard I've gained a new found respect for the art of Taxidermy. 

I stubbled across Cuban artist Enrique Gómez De Molina's and have great admiration for his Hybrid Taxidermy. 

A fond admirer of animals, de Molina strives to preserve the natural beauty of all diverse species, the sculptures are meant to be both fascinating and humorous. 

Crabby 2010.
Using the skins of the once-living animals, de Molina hopes to bring awareness to the danger faced by a multitude of species: nuclear and chemical waste, overdevelopment, and destruction of rain forests.

Genetic engineering and human evolution also accounts for the conceptualization of these surreal pieces. 

The notion that all planetary creatures derive from a different makeup puts into question the possibilities for natural and artificial evolution that lies ahead.

Paradise, 2010.
Enrique has a beautiful philosophy concerning his creations: 

'The impossibility of my creatures brings me both joy and sadness at the same time. 
The joy comes from seeing and experiencing the Fantasy of the work but that is coupled 
with the sadness of the fact that we are destroying all of these beautiful things.'      

WTF? 2009.


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