Culinary Flags

October 03, 2011

Thai flag made from Sweet chilli sauce,
shredded coconut and blue swimmer crab.

I adore this beautiful series of edible flags which savour the culinary delights of the world. 

They were produced by Whybin TBWA as part of a print and online advertising campaign to promote The Sydney International Food Festival

The collection includes 18 different dishes which represented national dishes from countries around the world. 

Here a few of my favourites: 

Australian Flag made from Meat pie and Tomato sauce.
South Korean flag made from Kimbap,
Soy and Chilli Sauces.
Lebanon flag made from Lavash, Fattoush, and Parsley.
Vietnamese flag made from Rambutan,
Lychee and Starfruit.
Italian flag made from Basil Leaves,
Spaghetti and Tomatoes.
Indian Flag made from Chicken Curry, Basmati Rice,
Sag and a papadum Cracker.


  1. This is so cool! I think the Italian one might be my favourite, so simple and cool!

  2. so great ! you have the most creative posts!!!! love it !Italian is my favorite for sure !


  3. Really cool food art, it's very well stylized.

  4. wow! this is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments!

  6. This is very creative!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog ;-)


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