Swedish Meatballs

June 27, 2012

Swedish Meatballs
Swedish meatballs served in a cream sauce with lingon berries, pickles, mash and salad.

Having recently returned from an visit to Stockholm I have found memories of celebrating Midsommar with wonderful Scandinavian food.

When thinking of Swedish cuisine the first dishes that seem to pop into peoples minds are meatballs, gravadlax and fermented herrings.
Unfortunately my efforts to find fermented hearings were not successful, however I did get the chance to try the national delicacy of meatballs.

I was extremely surprised with the quality of the dish - It did not resemble the cheap mass produced meat that is served in Swedish outlet Ikea.

The meatballs were soft, not overcooked, the sauce was deliciously creamy and the Lingon Berries gave a sweet contrast to the dill pickle. 

The mash was an hazardly bright yellow colour, which i assume was mashed turnip? It turned out to be the creamiest mash I have ever tasted, but i have failed to recreated it at home. 

If anyone has any recommendations please do let me know!

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