The Dead Dolls House | Review

June 15, 2014

The Dead Dolls House

I recently visited the Dead Dolls house to celebrate my 23rd birthday. 

Upon entering the club house was impressive - drawings of fireplaces and windows adorned the walls, an array of gin based cocktails were on offer and candelabras airily lit the dinning room. 

The Dead Dolls House

Having booked for a large party, we chose off a set menu before our visit. 

Our run-of-the-mill starters consisted of ham hock terrine, red pepper soup and prawn cocktail. All were edible, but somewhat uninspiring for a concept resaurant - where was that heston-esque touch portrayed on its Instagram? 

The main courses were delicious - salmon with olives and tomatoes, chicken with black pudding and duck egg with truffle potatoes.

Unfortunately the freezer was broken on the night we visited, so we didn't get to try the Terry's Chocolate Orange concoction. We did however try the infamous 'eggs and soldiers', which was fun!  

The Dead Dolls House

Disappointingly the service took the glimmer off our evening. The waitress 'looking after us' was cringely awful, and numberous service disasters left me and my guests simply frustrated.  

After complaining we were offered a discount (after much persuasion) and complementry presseco, but this took an extrodinary amount of time to arrange. 

In theory this venue could have made a fantastic setting for Friday night dinner - their cocktails and drink selection were superb, as was the decor and music. 

However, the poor service dominated the evening, and lack of attention to detail failed to rescue the celebration. 

For such a hyped up venue, I think you can find better places to eat around Hoxton. 

If you're hell bent on visiting, I'd recommend The Dead Dolls House for lazy afternoon drinks on their roof terrace - skip the food. 

The Dead Dolls House

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