Azizi - An Adult Alternative to Alcohol

December 07, 2014


Launched at Taste of London in Tobacco Dock, Azizi is marketed as an adult alternative to alcohol that delivers a relaxed feeling (usually from a glass of wine) without the hangover.

Curious to try it myself and sceptical of its claims, I visited their pitch last weekend.

Currently available as a cordial, with high hopes of soon coming as a pre-mixed sparking drink early next year, I instantly recognised its luxurious packaging (my partner, however, did initially think they were vinegar/oil bottles).

Azizi Ruby has notes of Pomegranate and is a pleasant drink, but I wouldn't describe it as ground breaking.

It is the Azizi Gold that I'm hooked on! Created from a unknown blend of herbs, a mouthful of this drink gives you the same satisfied feeling as wine (yes, honestly!).

The explanation for this? Azizi delivers 'mouthfeel', which is product’s physical and chemical interaction in the mouth. It is evaluated from initial perception on the palate, to first bite, through mastication to swallowing and aftertaste.

Mouthfeel stimulates the receptors in the whole mouth. A drink's fresh and unusual selection of elements individually cause a stir to your palette and make you want more - hence the saying 'just one more'.

In wine-tasting, for example, mouthfeel is usually used with a modifier (robust, sweet, complex, oaked etc.) to the general sensation of the wine in the mouth. Azizi has mixed these elements to create a satisfying drink with zero alcohol.

Another perk? A glass of Azizi is 30 calories per glass, as opposed to 90 calories per glass of wine.

Too good to be true? Yes, I though it was too.

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