Deck The Halls With Vintage Cheddar

November 17, 2014

vintage cheddar cheese board

Hosting a cheese and wine evening with friends over the weekend, I chose to serve Pilgrims Choice new range of Pic N Mix cheeses to pair with the bold flavours of the wine. 

We tried the Indian Spice and Firecracker flavours, which our guests lapped up. 

Wary of the Indian Spice Cheddar due to it's nuclear yellow appearance, I must say I didn't have high hopes. However, slathered on a charcoal cracker, it was simple divine. This quirky flavour was our favourite nibble of the evening. 

The Firecracker variety was described as a real 'winter warmer', and having tried a small block it certainly lit a fire in my mouth. Not for the faint hearted, the men of our party certainly seemed to enjoy scoffing it down with a robust red. 

vintage cheddar cheese board

In 80g sizes, perfect for cheese boards, snacks and canapés, the Pick N Mix range is available at Tesco for £1.50 each or three for £3. 

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