Searcys Selected Cuvée Launch

March 20, 2015

Searcys Selected CuvéeSearcys Selected Cuvée

A few weeks ago I attended the launch of Searcys Selected Cuvée. Along with a roomful of fellow bloggers and journalists (and a rather tipsy PR Exec) we sipped the new blend in a private room at their elegant St Pancras International restaurant.

The drink is 47% Pinot Meunier featuring a crisp and distinctive taste. To my delight the blend contains only 2% Chardonnay grape, which removes the dry taste I dislike. I found it to have peach and citrus notes with a clean taste that I can imagine is very refreshing (and easy to drink) on a warm summer's day.

As part of a standard Champagne blend, Pinot Meunier contributes aromatics, fruity and spicy flavors. Champagnes with a substantial proportion of Pinot Meunier tend not to have as much significant ageing potential. It is therefore most commonly used for Champagnes that are intended to be consumed young, when the soft, plushy fruit of the Pinot Meunier is at its peak.

Searcys Selected Cuvée

The new blend will be served in an innovative new tower of six glasses called the ‘Coupe Stack’. It will see a 750ml bottle (currently priced at £54) perfectly flow like a waterfall into half a dozen glasses that form a tower.

Searcys marketing director Rhian Phillips stated: “The drink is has a really distinctive taste which will be made even more memorable by being served in the Coupe Stack.”

If you're planning a celebration, I'd recommend ordering Searcys Selected Cuvée served in the Coupe Stack to add a touch of theatre to your evening. 

If, however, you're looking for a sparkling addition to a meal, I believe it would be best paired with fresh fish or seafood served with a buttery sauce. If you're looking for indulgence, I'd personally choose a champagne breakfast of Eggs Royal (poach eggs, smoked salmon and hollandais sauce) served with Searcys Selected Cuvée - a sublime mix of soft and fresh, lemony and crisp.

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