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April 13, 2015

MEATliquor review

Nothing soothes the soul quite like the food of the Deep South. The no-bookings MEATliquor has feel-good food, an amazing in-house radio station and a cocktail list that takes 5-mins-more-than-it-should to read.

The darkened glass windows, red paint splattered floorboards and rough tables laid with kitchen roll, ketchup and mustard gave a relaxed yet hip feel. The staff were unpretentious, which was refreshing to find in a restaurant slap bang in the middle of central London (Bond Street station is a short walk away).

MEATliquor review MEATliquor review

Burgers are the backbone of the menu. We ordered both the Dead Hippie burger (a mustard fried double Pattie beef burger with dead hippie sauce) and the dirty chicken cheese burger.

Both were served looking sloppy, dirty and juicy. The buns were soft yet avoided sogginess and the meat was cooked to perfection. We both preferred the chicken burger due to it's perfectly seasoned coating (a trip to CHICKENliquor is now on the cards). The Dead Hippie burger was good, if a little overrated - I'm a condiment lover and couldn't seem to taste any sauce (unlike Patty & Bun's Smokey Robinson burger, which remains my favourite).

MEATliquor review MEATliquor review
The deep fried pickles with blue cheese sauce were my favourite part of the meal: crisp batter contrast with sweet, soft gherkin and a rich dipping sauce - utter perfection!

I'd recommend a trip to MEATliquor due to its relaxed vibe, large cocktail menu and blasting music but wouldn't queue outside for a table. We visited during the week and although it was busy we walked straight in.

Make sure you sign up to the restaurant's newsletter, MEATmail, on their website as they frequently send promotions.

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