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May 15, 2015

Basement Sate
Last week I visited Soho’s coolest cocktail and dessert bar, Basement Sate, to learn how to create the perfect lemon meringue pie. Led by newly appointed Pastry Chef Kelly Nadjarian, masterclass was held in the venue's cosy kitchen.

Hailing from Paris, Kelly has worked in many prestigious establishments throughout France and the UK. With a great sense of humour and unbeatable pastry knowledge, Kelly put our group instantly at ease (even when using the blow torch!).

Basement SateBasement Sate

lemon pielemon pie 
Our three hour course consisted of learning how to create lemon curd, the pastry case and French meringue topping all from scratch. From juicing the lemons to whipping eggs, Kelly was behind us teaching us her tips and tricks. I got to take my lemon-y masterpiece home for the family to try, and boy was it a hit! The case was soft, the filling was zingy and the meringue was light and fluffy... what a dream!

Kelly will be offering afternoon Pastry lessons available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for groups of up to 5. Guests can choose which dessert the lesson will be based on, from delicate macaroons to scrumptious mille feuilles. With lessons priced at £70 for the group (yes that's right, for the whole group, not per person) this is a great activity for friends to learn some new skills in the kitchen.

Basement Sate will continue to offer their special drinks and dessert pairing menu on Tuesdays, which consists of 3 desserts and 3 cocktails for £36, and their cocktail master-classes, priced at £30, also available on Mondays.

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