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August 17, 2015

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 Last week I attended the launch of T2's latest store, conveniently located right next to Oxford Street station on the notorious Regent Street. 

Promising an evening filled with tea tastings, brewing demos and tunes by Alice Levine, the launch of their 6th UK store was just as special as their first.  

chai like a spice guru alcoholic iced tea

The Australian retailer is known for it's large range of loose tea and all the paraphernalia associated with making a brew. With vibrant packaging popping against the dark floors and wooden walls, the space is slick yet inviting. 

We were greeted with a refreshing alcoholic iced tea which was greatly needed after a stuffy tube journey. Having walked around the store admiring their vast selection of loose tea packaged in florescent boxes, we decided to visit their Chai and Matcha brewing stations.

iced tea cocktialsmaking iced tea

t2 regent street

I was impressed, a surprised, with the selection of Chai tea T2 offer. Chai is the tea that sustains India; the spicy brew we think of when we hear the word chai is inspired by masala Chai, and has milk, spices, and often honey added. 

 I tried their Creamy Choco Chai blend which has a rich chocolate flavour with a smooth creamy finish - just what cuddling up under a warm blanket in winter is made of.

The Matcha tutorial we sat through was very insightful as it explained the perfect method to create the beverage. You can find more info here.

iced tea cocktails

t2 regent streett2 regent street
The staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable - after visiting the store it's now easy to understand how the company sells enough tea to fill 9 million mugs every month. 

 T2 have successful turned an ever-day household product into a rather indulgent treat - I've had two friends over for 'tea' this week instead of wine... Looks like I'm hooked.

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