Two Easy (But Utterly Delicious) Dinner Party Starters

August 23, 2015

easy dinner party starters

Yesterday Russell and I invited a few friends over to see our new home.

Having worried about dinner party menus in the past, and then over-complicating them, we decided to serve a really simple (but tasty) starter to keep things simple.
We decided to serve two dishes: beef carpaccio and Parmesan with truffle honey.

beef carpaccio

A few hours before our guests arrived we visited our local butcher down the high street.

Carpaccio is usually seared on the outside and then thinly sliced - however knowing my knife set at home wasn't up for the job, we asked our butcher to prepare the meat for us to serve it raw.

We decided on sirloin steak, which worked out at a reasonable £15 for 5 people, and at home I flattened the slices with a rolling pin. We then garnished with olive oil, Maldon sea salt, capers and basil - et voila!

parmesan and white truffle honey

The second dish we prepared was Parmesan cheese and truffle honey.

I had a slab of cheese from Milan that somehow managed to survive nibble-free. We sliced that up and simply drizzled white truffle infused honey and garnished with peppery rocket.

The key to serving a simple dish is to ensure the ingredients are of good quality. With a little imagination and some swift moves, you can turn any dish into a show stopper.

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