Wagamama Ramen Review

November 23, 2015

Wagamama RamenWagamama Ramen
Those who know me, or follow me on Instagram, will know I'm a huge ramen fan. Having worked in the centre of Soho for a few years, there's nothing I find more comforting than a big bowl of noodles and broth - especially on a cold winter's day.

So when Wagamama asked me to review their new ramen dishes, I was pretty sceptical. For the last few years I haven't visited the restaurant as I've fed my comfort food cravings with the likes of Bone Daddies, Tonkotsu and Dozo.

 Wagamama Ramen Wagamama Ramen

Last week Russell and I stepped in from the cold and sheltered from the rain at Wagamama London Bridge. I ordered their new seafood ramen, which is made up of sea bream, grilled tiger prawns and breaded tilapia - all served on a bed of noodles in a steaming vegetable broth and garnished with pea shoots, wakame and samphire. I have to say I was really impressed with the depth of flavours in the broth and found the dish to be fresh, fragrant and  hearty.

Russell ordered the new short rib ramen, which features tender beef short rib served on the bone on top 
of noodles in a fragrant chicken broth, finished with carrots, mangetout, red onions, sweet potato and pea shoots. Russell wouldn't describe himself as a massive noodle fan, however he found the rich BBQ flavour delicious and hardly looked up from his meal.

Wagamama Ramen Wagamama Ramen

Would we go back? Absolutely, we both enjoyed the dishes and would happily go back to eat them again. We were caught off guard as we honestly didn't think they would rival their competitor's rich flavours, but *hands up* we think they've cracked it with these dishes.

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