Burger and Lobster Old Bailey | Review

December 16, 2015

Burger and Lobster Old Bailey

A Burger & Lobster restaurant with no queue? 'It's impossible' I hear you (metaphorically) scream. Well my friends, there is such a place, but it won't be secret for long.

Burger & Lobster have just launched their 9th London venture, Old Bailey, a stones throw from the Central Criminal Court.

With the classic choice of burger or lobster, the new restaurant follows the same no menu format we're all now acquainted with in an open and bright setting.

Burger and Lobster Old Bailey Burger and Lobster Old Bailey

Russell and I were both invited down to the new resturant and decided to order the lobster - I opted for mine steamed (as recommended by our waitress) whilst Russell chose his to be finished on the grill. I found my lobster was tender and moist with a sweeter taste, whilst Russell's had a pleasant smokiness - both were good in their own way, and we swapped a claw half way through our meal.

Burger and Lobster Old Bailey Burger and Lobster Old Bailey

Served with a side of fries and the most indulgent garlic butter known to man, it's easy to overlook the side salad. However, don't be  afraid - the dressing is phenomenal, and to my surprise I ate the lot. For £20, what more could you want?

The restaurant also has a bespoke cocktail menu nodding to the surrounding area - their latest cocktail named "The Blind Beggar" after the nearby pub in Whitechapel where Ronnie Kray shot a rival gangster, eventually putting both the Kray Twins behind bars.

Burger and Lobster Old Bailey Burger and Lobster Old Bailey

After doing some research after our visit I learnt the restaurant's lobsters are flown in live from the Atlantic having been caught in Nova Scotia, Canada and are then housed in some of the biggest lobster tanks in the world at Heathrow airport, before being moved on to the seawater tanks in every restaurant.

If you're planning to satisfy your lobster craving this month, then this is the place to visit. But do it quick, as soon the word will be out and the queues will appear. 

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