Honorversary | 12 Hours in Berlin to Celebrate Honor's 1st Birthday

December 20, 2015

Berlin river view

In October I spent a whirl wind 12 hours in Berlin to celebrate Honor's first anniversary in Europe. Looking back, it was a pretty hectic journey, and I ended up spending the next few days hibernating under my duvet.

Surrounded by tech journalists, I felt a little out of my depth at the riverside bar venue we were rushed to from the airport. However, after lots of technical jargon and in-between laser shows, I soon learnt the new smart phone brand is attempting to shake up the industry by cutting out retail sales to keep costs down. 
Their no-stores, no-gurus, no-strings approach means they're attempting to shake up the way you buy your smart phone, empowering you to get the good technology at a value price. 

charlotte clarke Berlin river view

flight to berlin honorversary

Their phone's have fast become a competitor to the brands the UK currently adores, with the Honor 7 featuring an antenna that can pick up signal where others fail, a fingerprint reader that can recognise your digits in 0.3 secs, longer battery life, a 20 mega-pixle camera and even a front light to brighten your selfies.

At £250 I personally think the technology is very good value for money, and with a future of wearables from £59, this is a brand to watch out for. Honor will no doubt become a household name in the UK over the next few years, and I'm glad I've learnt more about them. However, it hasn't yet convinced me to swap from my trusted Iphone.

when in berlin berlin laser

flight to berlin

And as for Berlin? The little of the city that I did see looked beautiful - and I hope to go back one day to explore it properly.

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