Leap Year Proposals - How To Propose In The City

February 24, 2016

Leap Year Proposals london
2016 is a leap year and we all know what that means when it comes to relationships. Tradition states that every four years the tables turn and it’s the chance for women to propose to their partners.

As we now live in 2016, we don’t feel a rule that dates back to the 13th century should determine when you’re 'allowed' to propose. However, if you do want to propose this leap day (or year) you’ll probably be looking for some inspiration on how to pop the all-important question.

If you're nervous, don't be! Research done by The Stag Company, one of the UK’s premier stag ‘do’ organisers has shown that more and more men are coming round to the idea and wouldn’t mind the woman getting down on one knee. From data collected of 533 men across the UK, the survey showed that over 50% of men surveyed would like to be proposed to by their girlfriend. This seems to be a move away from the expectation of the man having to propose, with one man saying that it’s “all about equality now” and that he’d be more than happy with his girlfriend proposing as she’s “independent, which I like”.

Not sure where to do it? I have two very different options for you: 

Leap Year Proposals london
Beefeater has this down to a T offering a special dining package especially for women proposing to men. It has everything a man could ever want – Meat, beer and an onion ring instead of an engagement ring!

Not only that but the steak will arrive on the table with the words "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" branded into the meat, so no need for nervous females to worry about getting those famous words out of their mouths, they can let the steak do the talking!

Leap Year Proposals london

If you're looking for something truly unique on Monday 29th February 2016 one of the most romantic restaurants The Balcon will be offering the table on the Champagne Balcony to one lucky couple.

With a central location in the heart of St James’s, and an exceptional d├ęcor, guests will be able to enjoy Matt Greenwood’s new tasting menu and a bottle of champagne for £300.
Leap Year Proposals london

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