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May 05, 2016

freak shake london

To continue my attempt to post weekly photo diaries including snaps old and new, here's the latest addition. 
Last week I attended the River Island AW16 press day and indulged in the most calorific milkshake I've ever laid eyes on. Complete with pretzels, doughnuts and whipped cream, freak shakes are set to hit London this summer and be the next big foodie craze.
steak tartare london

Round the corner from me at work is Hixter Bankside. They offer a great value early bird menu that includes the best steak tartare I've ever eaten. Their chips weirdly and wonderfully taste of chicken, too - if you're in the area treat yourself to lunch and you wont be disappointed. 

nix and kix 

Nik and Kix are my new obsession. It's a non-alcoholic drink which isn't fizzy (soft drink fans rejoice) which also includes cayenne pepper offering a satisfying kick after every sip. The peach and vanilla is my personal favourite - I've been told it makes an interesting twist on a Bellini when mixed with Prosecco.

black farmer cheese 

One of my favourite food brands, The Black Farmer, has released a sweet mature cheddar cheese, and boy is it wonderful! It has the depth of flavour you would expect from a mature cheese with a delicious sweet finish. It's unlike anything I've ever tasted before and slightly addictive - you've been warned (FYI, I wasn't a fan of the Stag Crackers despite their Best Taste award). 

minimalist me design

At a press day last week I was gifted this sweet silk Morse code bracelet featuring the word 'luck'. Hand crafted by Minimalist Me Design, it's perfect for every day wear and would be very well received as a thoughtful gift.

british rhubabrb recipes  

British rhubarb season is upon us, and as it's the only thing ready to harvest on my allotment we've been stewing up an abundance in our kitchen. Our favourite mix so far is with lavender and vanilla bean paste - the smell it emits is scrumptious! 

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