Cute...or Contraversial?

February 17, 2010

When I looked at this picture of Princess Andre I was horrified! Who would encourage a two year old girl to wear false eyelashes and slather on lip gloss?

The likes of Katie Price seem proud her toddler is made up like a glamour model, describing her as a ‘mini me’.

Peter lashed out ‘I’m disgusted with it -I don’t want to see that’. Similar reactions occurred when Katie straightened Princess’ hair last month, and when she cut and died their 4 year old son Junior’s hair into a blond Mohican last year.

After posting the picture of Princess on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, Katie’s fans had mixed reactions. Some were worried the little girl is growing up too fast, others described how ‘cute’ she looked.

I think it’s fair to say children do dress up and want to look like Mummy; but Isn’t Katie taking it too far? There is no need (or want) for a ‘mini me’ of Katie in this world.

However Peter did state Princess is definitely a Daddies girl, apparently Princess begs him to read story after story to her at night time until she falls asleep. That’s all hope she sticks with Pete; one Jordan, I mean Katie, is definitely enough!

What do you think of the ‘make over’?

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