February 25, 2010

Every year I get more amazed with the new releases of smart phones.
I remember when the only phone I knew was the Nokia 3310. I remember when everyone crowded around me at school as I had the first colour phone in my class. I remember when the adverts introduced the first phone with a camera, and how my Dad told me 'they'd never catch on'. You can now get phones what are fully functioning laptops, satnav’s and personal organisers. Surely the phone companies can't fit anything more into a phone this year??
I have been looking at this years new releases, and to tell the truth, I’m pretty amazed.

A few of my favourites are:

The Crystal Phone

This phone is due to bee released in early 2012, the battery and electronics have been shrunk to microscopic size, whilst the phone itself can change to any colour you like. No other information has been given.

NTT docomo SH-04B

A woman’s dream: A phone, in the shape of a chocolate bar.

Yes this phone seems to have all the essentials a woman needs. This stylish phone features a 8mp camera, 3G and is even water resistant! It truly does seem too good to be true.

On showing a friend a phone, they replied ‘I wouldn’t buy it, It’d make me too hungry’.
The only down side the phone has is its name; how could a phone this amazing be named so poorly?

The Puma Phone

The Puma phone has really impressed me.

It has a solar panel on the back of the phone which charges the device, it comes with high speed internet, a 3.2mp camera and sporty add on’s such as a pedometer –and it doesn’t look too bad either.

NTT docomo Touch Wood

This phone looks amazing! With its unique shape and real wood back, you will truely have a one of a kind phone. Each one is different as each wood back has different grain patterns and colourings. It looks amazing, but as of yet no one outside the company has been able to test it to see if it’s any good...

NTT docomo Separable Phone

This seperable phone is the worlds first ever fully functioning seperable phone.
It splits into two parts, meaning it can be used for multiple functions such as a game controller, a remote control for its camera or electronic projector or a keypad for typing notes whilst on the phone.

Its the ultimate multi tasking gadget out there!

Sonim XP2 Spirt

Ok, so compared to the others it’s your average phone, a 3MP camera, 3G, and Fm Radio and LED flash.

However, the Spirit will live through 30 minutes underwater, survive temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius and still show your latest text message on its tough scratchproof 2" screen made from 1.5mm thick Gorilla Glass. It can even handle shocks and vibrations up to 4G! Now, that is impressive!
Samsung Beam
No, that isn’t a camera, that is, in fact, a pico projector. The Pico Projector will 'beam' out video’s for up to three hours.

It comes with a 8MP camera, 3.7’’ AMOLED screen and 720p video recording. It’s not bad for a Korean phone!

Samsung Diva Folder

The ‘Diva’ is specifically aimed at the female market with its quilted black cover and girly themes. However, i can't really picture Victoria Beckham with one; more Lady Sov don't you think?

After looking at this years compared to my own, i feel abit gutted i spent £70 on a LG last week which will look like it's from the stone age in a few months time.

Technology is moving so fast now-a-days, I wonder what 2011 will bring us?