Radio Assignment Outlines

September 30, 2010

Date Set: Early October Submission Date: 16th December -12 pm at the faculty office.


The group project is made up of two parts, a group production and an individual analysis of the production process (1000 words min).

Both elements must be submitted otherwise it will not be marked.

Working in groups of four or five, produce 30 minute radio program, for a local radio station with a clearly defined target audience.

It must include original material and have a 60/40 balance of speech/music. This equates to a maximum of twelve minutes of music tracks, though additional music may be used for packaging and production.

The program should display a high level of research and planning and be structured in a manner that allows the audience an entertaining and accessible listen.

There will be NO University centered items, unless the subject matter and presentation are genuinely of interest to a wider audience.

The production should:

1) Be 30 minutes in duration, with a leeway of 60 seconds – programs which are significantly shorter or longer in duration will lose marks.
2) Include a menu, appropriate signposting, and an ending.
3) Include no more than twelve minutes of music, as noted above.
4) Include at least one live or as live interview and one new feature package.
5) Include news headlines, weather, traffic, what's on information and a commercial break.
6) Comply with Ofcom regulations regarding standards and advertising.
7) Be delivered on CD, along with a running order, cue sheets and scripts as appropriate.

Each group will be allotted studio time during weeks ten and eleven, during which to record their programs as live.

The production must be accompanied by an individual analysis (1000 words minimum) of the production process and the finished product.

Make sure you put all of your groups names on the CD and that you have a back up as it will not be given back to you. -Only one copy per group is needed.

Feedback and marks for the assessment will be available by the end of week fourteen.


RaJAR- Radio Joint Audience Research

RAB- Radio Advertising Bureau

We should always address the audience as 'you', not 'everyone out there' etc.

91% of the British population under 15 and over to the radio every day.

The average person listens to the radio for over an hour a day.

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