WINOL Aims for this Year

September 29, 2010

I have wrote up brief notes from the lecture outlining the guidelines, aims and targets we have been set for WINOL this year. -As Machiavelli said, if you're going to stab someone, you may as well make sure you kill them! :)

Banned Phrases:
'I couldn't find a story/feature' -for any reason.
'I want to do a story about...' -do not just give a vague outline of an issue, talk about the individual story/person with specific details (when proposing stories, come with at least two ideas).
Do not use 'too little too late' and 'remains to be seen'.
When interviewing or doing an OB do not use 'I am at' or 'I spoke to' -We can see where you are and the person you're interviewing!
More womens sports! We need to cultivate sports news on WINOL as it attracts a lot of viewers.
Aim to have an outside broadcast (OB) every week (remember to top and tail).
When there's a big event we need to co-ordinate departments -Advertise each other!
Press officers will not call you back or be helpful, so be persistent and keep badgering them! If they wont help you, ring someone else. Remember if it is a negative story people will be less willing to give an interview. In this case it may be a good idea to ring unions, charities etc to get comments, and then to ring back with statements and ask for a response.
When calling people do not state that you're a student -be proud and say you're a journalist from WINOL!
Build up your contacts book for easy interviews.
News agenda market penetration: we need to get 501 viewers to beat The Sun (On campus), 100 to beat the Hampshire Chronicle, 50 to beat The Guardian and 10 to beat the FT.
Less reliance on highlights, use them as bankers. Aim to feature one team on campus every week.
We now have the Tri Caster, so can broadcast live from anywhere.

Production Team:
The production team should focus more on the look of the show, rather than content. For example we need a better opening scene, and look into what else could be done with the green screen.
CMS (Content management system) and flash training will be given in the next week so the website can be improved. At the moment the content is easily produced but simply formatted.
A lot more photography is needed -Think visually when writing. Do not come to your editor with just text, pictures and videos are as important.
Features need to be more light-hearted and fun, with more human interest.
Write up your story as a text article with pictures so we can submit it on the website. This way we can have text to put up with video, search engines will find it easier and if your story isn't chosen for the bulletin, it still gets published (weekly)!

Editors should build up a stock of spiked stories. This way if something adventurous falls through you will have a back up. This way reporters wont blackmail you as they know you have free space. Reporters wont be marked down for being spiked, however if it does happen often it may show there's a problem.
Humanize the story to generate public interest.
More Nat sod (natural sound) is needed at the start of videos.
It is not necessary to introduce interviewees by their name as there is a caption.
Shoot in sequences, one angle is boring!
Remember we shoot in thirds, don't just place someone in the middle.
Guilty building and sign shots are banned.
When doing a vox pop only feature 3 people. They should be used as a last resort as they're not a replacement for an interview. Remember to interview people who are directly effected by the issue.

An example of what not to do would be Northampton's Simon and Emily.

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