Art or Fashion?

October 15, 2010

Belarusian designer Anastasia Radevich has combined fashion and modern art to create truly unique footwear in her new Kinetik 2011 collection -an upgrade to this years Bio Future collection.
The fluid shapes in the stiletto and fibre optic lights have set this exclusive collection apart from other designers this season.

The boots are made mainly of suede, with a mesh panel full of fibre optics. The operating switch is stitched in with the seam near the ankle, making it nearly invisible. The batteries are easily replicable as it operates on two small watch batteries.
The sculpted stiletto heal and platform has been specifically designed to be able to withstand the weight of the wearer, as well as looking amazingly beautiful –surely a great architectural feat.
Art is slowly taking over the fashion world, with more unique collections appearing every season. It’s hard to imagine wearing LBDs, jeans or pumps, standing out from the crowd has never been so important; individuality has begun.


  1. Do they do mens shoes? Haha! They look cool!

  2. No they don't :( -Not that I know of!!
    Make a request for her next collection! :D

  3. Last word should be 'begun' and not 'began' ;)

    The shoes do look veeee cool though!!! :D

  4. I love it! The shoes are gorgeous and you're definitely right about art being included in teh fashion industry now :)


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