Canibalistic Art

October 15, 2010

Chinese artist Yu Duoki, pronounced Ju Duoqi, possesses an amazing gift; she can turn any vegetable into a work of art. I first stumbled across Duoki after seeing a a picture of her work as the centre fold in The Sunday Times Magazine. Any art lover admiring her work can't help but feel cannibalistic!
The artist was born in South Duoki in 1973. She graduated from the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in 1996, and worked as a website designer and computer gamer until 2005. She now is a freelance artist, producing about 2 vegetable sculptures every month.
Her new collection, The Fantasies of Chinese Cabbage consists of 13 pieces. It is inspired by many famous women throughout history, such as Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe, as well as Manga and Buddha-inspired girls.
She has exhibited around China and Korea since 2007, and has now started showing her works in Europe at such galleries as the Galerie Paris-Beijing the Grand Palais in France.
Her work has suddenly hit the public lime light after photographer Martin Parr chose Duoki as his ‘wild card’ at the 4th Brighton Photo Biennial this year.
Duoki stated ‘I am happy that I have found a way of life for women who love the home. I have found an environmental way of bringing work and life together. From imagination to reconstruction and post production, it burns through tons of boring hours’.
Her work truly looks good enough to eat.

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