HCJ Year 2 Exam Questions

December 11, 2010

1)‘Poland invades Germany’, Headline in the Vokischer Beobachter on the out break of World War II; Discus with reference to Hannah Ardent's concept of totalitarianism and John Carey thesis the Intellectuals and the Masses.

2)How does the modern state differ from the classical or medieval state, according to Hanna Arendt. Discuss with reference to philosophical writing about the modern state with particular reference to Hobbes, Rousseau, JS Mill, Hegel and Marx.

3)Attempt an analysis of the impact of Nietzsche and the modernist literary movement on journalism, popular culture and the mass media.


To what extent was modernism a break for the past, to what extent a continuation? Discuss with particular reference to at least two of the following:

Wagner, Schoenberg, Serialism, James Joyce, automatic writing, Russell, Whitehead, Frege (the philosopher of logical analysis), Dana, Futurism, Constructism, Bautaus, Particle physics and Relativity.

4) Explain the enduring fascination for many intellectuals and some Journalists of the film Citizen Kayne.

5) Assess the impact of Sigmund Freud on the media, from page three of The Sun to the BBC public service broadcasting, and from Cosmopolitan Magazine to the Jerry Springer show.

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