The Royal Couple

December 12, 2010

We all know Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mothers engagement ring when he proposed.

What we didn't know is that it was actually Prince Harry who received the ring after Diana passed away.

When Diana passed away in 1997, Charles took Harry and William to visit Kensington Palace, Diana’s home, where they selected mementos from Diana’s belongings.

Prince William chose his mother’s 18K yellow gold Cartier Tank Francaise watch that she used to teach him the time, whilst Harry chose his mothers engagement ring, a sapphire surrounded by 14 rounds of diamonds set in 18k of white gold.

Sources say Harry was happy to give the ring to his brother, stating he hoped that the future Queen would wear it, the way Diana would have wanted it.

The ring cost over $40,000 when Prince Charles purchased it back in 1981, but is now worth a lot more!

Since the proposal Kate has been assigned a pair of female detectives that cost around $300,000 a year to employ.

“Kate now has two female detectives rotating shifts with her 24/7,” a source said.

“They are like the British version of Cagney and Lacey. Two of the finest officers in the force who will not only protect the future princess but have also been trained to blend in.

“Kate has gone from being a ordinary citizen to one of the most high profile people in the world'.

The American tabloid the National Enquirer also stated that William has asked Kate to wear his mothers wedding dress for the ceremony, in which Middleton replied "NO!…Absolutely not. It’s one thing to be wearing her ring, but NOT her wedding dress! It’s going too far."

A source added, "William told Kate, ‘I now realize that this must be YOUR special day."

It's good to know the future Queen of England has her own mind.

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  1. the British public can't wait to help them tie the knot, We are building the gallows already!


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