January Sales: Shop Strategically

December 25, 2010

We all get excited when we see the big red signs in shop windows declaring the words 'sale'.

When I walk down the street and see that 4 letter word in a shop window my heart races as I imagine all the bargains I could lay my hands on, and I generally leave the store with bags full of clothes I intend to wear but never will.

After Christmas, however, I can't afford this type of spontaneous shopping. I have decided to shop strategically and use the sales as an investment plan for my Wardrobe.

Look out for:

Here are my top tips about buying in the sales this coming month, so we can all get the most out of the sales this year without the mid February clear out.

It's common knowledge to look out for the wardrobe staples, LBD's, a good pair of jeans, cute flats etc. But this year I really want to get my moneys worth and buy a few statement pieces. Problem is I always worry about the season change -Will my hot dress only be hot for a few weeks?

My answer: Look out for next seasons trends instead. Block colours are predominant on the catwalk, as are bold, colourful stripes.

Midi skirts are next seasons twist on the Maxi, whilst Spring will host Chiffon pastel coloured dresses.

White lace is the summer twist on this seasons Gothic look, it's feminine and summery, and pairs great with next seasons pastel and bright colours.

Elbow pads bring a new twist to blazers and will be a big hit in the next few months so grab them in advance. -Knee pads, however, I'm not too sure about...

What to avoid:

The big problem with sales is that they're always at the end of every season, so you're in danger buying something what has a shelf life of only a few weeks. Try and make your buys an investment by keeping away from this seasons main trends.

Aviator Jackets have been this seasons biggest trend; however by spring they'll be along with Nude colours, what will be replaced by bold block colours.

Leopard print is a true classic, but will be overshadowed by tribal prints in the next few months.

Leather trousers are to be kept in winter; you're shopping for Summer remember, get your legs out!

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