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January 18, 2011

Hey production team, just a quick note on an update we may be making to Joomla.

I am currently working for iN magazine launching their website, and after talking to a website designer for a bit today he has shown me an amazing add on we can get for our Joomla which will make our website much advanced.

It's called Flexicontent, and basically makes categorising, templationg and uploading much easier! It also allows us to upload pictures from the pc, rather than having to upload them onto flkr and having to import them (I know this was a pain last semester and really slowed down the publishing process!).

We can also mark the articles as drafts, publish, unplublished, waiting for approval, in progress and archived; which is an amazing plus for the sub editors! (is it rather sad that i was excited about this extra?)

By the time I'm back in Winchester I should be a pro on it, so will be able to teach you guys how to use it (it's pretty simple).

Have a look at it at

-If i get any more tips i'll let you know :)

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