What's In and What's Out

January 20, 2011

What's In

The Sparkler Atomizer

A gorgeous boudoir-style bottle full of cherry blossom scented sparkle-dust, what else could you want? This limited edition product has come just in time for Valentines.

David Gandy

The Billericay Boy celebrates his 31st Birthday this month. The D&G model has also just completed his first movie ‘away we stay’, which can be seen below –I could watch him all day!

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

With 2 Royal weddings this year you’d think we had our fill of all things bridal! With 20 stone dresses and complicated courting rituals, the new series is addictive!

What's Out

Lock up your sons!

After another PR stunt divorce Katie Price is single...again. The marriage only lasted 11 months and 19 days and Katie has labelled their marriage ‘a mistake’ –Well we did warn you Kate!

Models falling out of their shoes

Your shoes are too high designers; spare a thought for your poor

clothes’ horses!

Devil Crabs

40,000 'devil' crabs were washed up on the Kent coast after dying from hypothermia due to

Britain's coldest December in 120 years. The Crab Graveyard is rather depressing to look at...

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