My Quest for Coffee, and the Discovery of the Babycinno

January 24, 2011


After working at a Coffee shop for some extra money whilst studying at Sixth form, I now have rediculously high standards for Coffee.
I think I'm allergic to instant Coffee, (I started drinking it at my new job at iN magazine and kept getting hot flushes -which meant a rather embarrising first few days red and flustered) so I treck it up to my local Coffee Shop every so often to get my hit.
Whilst in there sipping away at my Hazlenut Latte, the cutest pair of children came in acompanied by their mother and her entourage.

Usually kids are a nightmare in Coffee shops, demanding Muffins, Cakes and Drinks galore whilst there Mothers ignore them and gossip away with there friends.

But these Children sat down and waiting patiently...For a Babycinno.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the expression, a Babycinno is a cupfull of frothy milk topped with chocolate sprinkles -which is served with a saucer and spoon of course! The children sat there happily amused whilst their Mother chatted away, feeling all grown and involved.

I used to serve the frothy drink myself years ago, but only to one customer. Now it seems Babyccino's are poping up all over the place, and are even on Starbucks and Costa's Menu's.

If it keeps children amused and allows their parents to have some 'grown up time', then it
Sounds like a good idea to me.


  1. Haha, you're a coffee person too? I've worked in a coffee shop for the past 4 years! Can't drink Nescafe to save my life!
    I think the only decent coffee in Winch is from Caffe Nero!

  2. I know I see you with the cups all the time; very jealous in morning lectures!
    What Coffee shop do you work in, a chain or an independant?

  3. Haha, I know. Gotta have my Joe in the morning! Unfortunately, Costalotta Coffee is the nearest! An independent one in Cornwall - Lavvazza beans! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM!


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