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January 25, 2011

I saw this advert on the back of Woman and Home Magazine (yes, as a Journalist I read a wide range of publications) and absolutley loved the product.

As regular followers of my blog should know, I am obsessed with sourcing our food from within the UK, and after investigating this product I think it's a real winner.

The Cornish Sea Salt Company has developed a very natural process that blends age-old traditions with some innovative and energy-efficient technology, which has no effect on the marine ecology or environment.

Their harvesting plant is located just metres from the clearest, Grade A classified waters – the highest accreditation to denote water purity – in an area of outstanding natural beauty and a geological SSSI (Site of Specific Science Intrest).

After multi-filtration and a unique recipe of time, heat and motion, the water is steam evaporated leaving a mountain of pure, brilliantly white, flaky sea salt crystals. The flakes are then hand-harvested from the evaporation pans and gently rinsed and dried.

I am so happy to see a new company revert back to caring about the environment and being passionate about the origins of their product.

And yet another bonus is that their sea salt contains more than 60 naturally-occurring trace elements, making it a healthier alternative to traditional table salt.
It is also the preferred British sea salt in the River Cottage kitchen, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall described it having 'a wonderfully unique texture and crumbles easily between the fingers', and James Martin stated it was 'The Gucci of British sea salt'.

With Hugh being once of my favourite celeb chefs, I really cannot find a fault with this product!

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