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January 17, 2011

I've been talking to Will our Sports Editor and Chris our lecturer and here's some notes for the team:


  • We will be cover 3 football teams, Eastleigh, Basingstoke and Winchester City; however we will only cover home games for Winchester City. William and Grant are currently in talks with Eastleigh and Basingstoke to see if they will cover our travel expenses and if we can get highlights posted on their websites -What will send circulation through the roof.
  • On the 5th Eastleigh and Basingstoke are both home so I advise the whole sports team will attend those matches to film to make sure you're up to scratch.
  • Eastleigh and Basingstoke are playing against each other the week after this which is massive for the area, so we are going to arrange a feature to put before the game highlights with interviews, a brief club history, old footage and tours of the grounds. William has more details of this.
  • We are also planning to have a profile of a University team every week. One person will be assigned this role so they can get their own unique style to it; it will consist of an interview with the team captain, possibly some players, background information and game highlights. -Imagen how many people are in sports teams at the University; if we cover every one we will get a lot of hits!!
  • I would like there to be more sports news; the sports and news teams can really work off each other for better coverage -and I don't think that happened last semester.
  • Winol Woodwork will continue as will Will's Skills; Mikey is the man for this, he did a brilliant job last semester on the sports features.
  • We will continue covering Winchester Rugby but only home games.
  • Sportsweek is going to have a much more informal feel about it, with music and a studio guest every week. e have amazing presenters on the sports team so there's nothing to worry about, I think Jake and Aimee will work really well together. William is currently working on a new opening sequence what I'm really excited to see!
If you fancy any of the above roles or have anything to add, please e-mail me at and also get in touch with William Cooper.
The BBC use a program to get Skype calls directly onto screen, which is very expensive, but I have been sent through some trial runs. this means when we do Skype calls we wont have to point a camera at the television screen which looks a bit naff
Thanks for reading guys, any problems or comments give me an e-mail or call :)

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