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January 16, 2011

The Winol team with Laura Barton

We're back to University in a few weeks so I thought I'd start using my blog as a message board for Winol as I can't access the course one.

Just some quick notes to keep the whole team involved with what's happening at the moment:


We're hoping to get some LondonMet students involved with Winol and use them as London correspondents; that way we can get news quicker and easier from London and not have to worry about train fares and loosing reporters in Winchester. I am currently in talks about this so will keep the new team updates -Julie I need to talk to you about this in more detail.


I am current working for iN magazine, so am having some brilliant features training at the moment. I'm filled with inspiration and think with Andy as features editor we can get some really good stuff this semester, I have lots of new idea's what I'll discuss in the features meetings.

I was also thinking the features team could create fashion show; I have feelance make up artists which will come to Winchester and work for free on the models and hopefully get some sample clothing from my work placement. -Maybe we can create an event in the vault for this? Do a catwalk and invite guests? -Just an idea, which may be pretty mad, but i think we can pull it off? I know the girls are interested and me and Cara are dying to show Chris, Brian and you boys that FASHION IS JOURNALISM!!


Sports runs likes clockwork, but as the team has more reporters this semester I think we can start producing a lot more next semester. The football side of sports is amazing and can't be knocked; however we need to start covering a lot more sports. -some of the weird and wonderful ones too!! Possibly start doing some sports features as well?

If anyone has any ideas then please comment on this post! Me and the editors will all be meeting when I'm back so I can get everything organised and make a new outline for Winol (deadlines, meeting times etc), so get you ideas in guys so we can discus them!

Hope you're all having a good holiday :)

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