Winol Brief 25/04

April 25, 2011

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and is ready to be back on the WINOL team, as this semesters going to be a big one! 

This week we wont be producing a bulletin; instead we will be working on a political debate on the AV and a short film to celebrate the Royal Wedding

The team will be split in two for these projects, with William in-charge of the debate and myself as editor of the short film 
-Please contact me today to let me know what team you will be working on as I need to ring Chris later and let him know. 

For information on the debate, please contact Will. 

Brief for Royal Wedding film 

The film will be around 2 minuets long, and if successful will be broadcast on Sky (yes, that's right, SKY) on Friday. 

If you are part of my team tomorrow you will have time to prepare what you will be filming to contribute to the film. 

I want: 

Street Parties
Pub Celebrations 
Pensioners watching it on TV 
Children Celebrating (get permission!) 
Weird and wonderful activities for the Royal Wedding. 

Be ready to pitch your ideas to me at 1pm in Tab9 on Wednesday
everything needs to be filmed and edited by Friday early evening 
(i'll give a specific time on Wednesday)
 ready for submission to Sky, so keep that in mind when arranging interviews. 

You'll have a day and a half to prepare so I expect interviews to be arranged and you to have a good idea on what you want to include; timings will be given out after pitches.

The style is fly on the wall, no pieces to camera or voice overs; we will be representing the South East so more of a gonzo piece. 

I will also need a production manager on hand if we need graphics, to help with organising and uploading etc, so could the production team sort someone out for me please? 

Thanks everyone :) I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday; it's going to be great!! 

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  1. I have permission from all pubs holding celebrations and the Guildhall to film, a list of all street parties, printed permission slips for kids, Royalty free suitable music and pictures. If anybody needs this facebook me or email


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