Christian Louboutin’s Shoes of Art

June 19, 2011

Francois Clouet’s Elizabeth of Austria rests
a ‘Catalina’ sequinned clutch bag (£795) 
and a golden spiked ‘Pigalilli’ platform (£2,295).
Christian Louboutin's shoes symbolise much more than just something pretty to adorn a pair of feet. 

His red soled creations - which can cost upwards of £2,000 per pair - are considered by some to be works of art. 

In recognition of this, the Parisian designer had chosen to photograph a selection of his autumn/winter 2011 collection 
in the style of world-famous historical paintings. 

A leopard-print shoulder bag has managed 
to find a home nestled under the arm of 
Jean-Marc Nattier’s Marquise de Pompadour portrait.

Having collaborated with photographer Peter Lipmann
well-known portraits have been modified to include
the red-soled, leg-lengthening and tiptoe inducing footwear. 

Francisco de Zurbaran’s Santa Dorotea
carefully holds a fruit platter bearing the new 
‘8 Mignon’ strappy sandals (£765).
With such precious detail and eye-watering price tags,
Louboutin's new works might have to be
stored in a museum of their own.

Georges de la Tour's Magdalene and the Flame sees the 
subject staring longingly at the 'Puck' boot.


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