Heston Hits the High Street

June 14, 2011

Heston Blumenthal has become commercial; who'd had thought it eh? 

Heston's Tea Smoked Salmon

With such creations as Mock Turtle Soup, Egg and Bacon Ice cream and Snail Porridge at his Maidenhead based restaurant the Fat Duck
the last words you would use to describe 
Heston's cuisine is mainstream. 

However after appearing as the face of Waitrose and teaming up with Delia Smith 
to create original recipes for the super market, 
Heston has created his own range of products available in store 
-Heston Blumenthal has been a food ambassador for Waitrose since spring 2010. 

Mustard Ice Cream Available from £2.79
Such delights available are Mustard Savoury Ice Cream, Beef Ale & Kombu (Seaweed) Pie, Vanilla Mayonnaise and Tea Smoked Salmon

Products are available from £2.79
meaning everyone can enjoy some of Hestons creativity at home without breaking the bank (without forking out £160 per person at the Fat Duck). 

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  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2011

    I'd advice you not to try his Sausages; truly disappointing!


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