Christopher Boffoli: Disparity

August 08, 2011

Josh had a great deal of pride in what was capable with a 

freshly-sharpened blade.

Christopher Boffoli
 from Seattle creates miniature representations of everyday scenes using tiny model figures and food.

Boffoli began shooting the "Disparity" project in 2007. He believes "Coming up with an interesting image is only half the battle - a caption that will make people smile is also a big part of my work."

They wont be happy when they hear about this down the farm house. 
Each scene is meticulously planned before painstakingly being assembled in his home studio - sometimes taking hours to complete. 

The food has to be cut and arranged before the figures can be placed on them using either a clear adhesive such as agave nectar or by piercing holes with a toothpick and placing the mini people's feet into them.

Guarding the Goods.
He also said "It takes a lot of patience to make these tiny scenes as the figures are prone to falling over after they are set up. It can take up to 25 attempts to get the perfect shot."

Boffoli said he often makes a special trip to the grocery store or bakery for a shoot and has to be extra selective in choosing food that looks good. "But I particularly like working with patisserie because I can nibble on the leftovers after the shoot."

Popping the question.

Chocolate crumb cleanup.


Canoe au lait.

The others didn't care to hear Marilyn's stories of her youth on a dairy farm.
They all just 
wished she'd shut up and paddle.

Asparagus painters.

Gary always uses too much mustard but no one can say anything.
It's a union thing.

Rice cemetery.

Unpleasant Conversation
Greta and her pals enjoyed the smooth ride so much that they vowed to
never again attempt a ride over the pineapples.


  1. the popping the question clam one is adorable!

  2. The banana caption is jokes!

  3. Pintores de aspargos.Schow.


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