Liquid Assets

August 10, 2011

Christopher Kane PVC Clutch.
Christopher Kane's latest creation consists of a collection of neon bright liquid filled PVC clutch bags which sends us twirling back to the 90's. 

The bags are made of a colourful oozy mix of gel and vegetable oil, and gives you the chance to show off the contents off your bag 
(a good idea to show off your cute lipsticks, a bad idea for showing how much cash you're carrying). 

 These neon brights can add a splash of colour to any outfit. 
I love the idea, however like most high fashion designs I don't find it particle; 
now doubt my clumsy, heavy handed self would split the bag on a night out 
(with keys or disregarded earrings) and would end up with 
neon coloured gel all over my dress. 

-And the Price tag makes me wince slightly too, starting at £385 on Net a Porter. 

Space Age liquid wear gives the catwalk
a new dimension. 
However, I must say the clothing rang is very space age. 

-If you want a cute, statement piece this season, then Christopher Kane is your man! 


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